A Dozen Differences Between

Natural Family Planning and Contraception



Natural Family Planning




§         Is in harmony with fertility


§         Interferes with fertility

§         Treats fertility as a gift


§         Treats fertility as a disease

§         Fosters increased communication


§         Requires little/no communication

§         Encourages “SPICE” (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative, Emotional) concept of sexuality


§         May impede “SPICE” growth

§         Promotes marital bonding


§         May promote feelings of being used

§         Reports less than 5% divorce rate


§         Reports greater than 50% divorce rate

§         Is effective to avoid and achieve pregnancy


§         Used only to avoid pregnancy

§         Encourages the couple to revisit the decision to avoid or achieve pregnancy


§         Assumes avoiding pregnancy

§         Can change use of the method to avoid or achieve pregnancy at a moment’s notice

§         Requires discontinuing the method to achieve pregnancy


§         Is open to God's will for life

§         Is closed to beginning a new life


§         Protects the love and life nature of marriage

§         Interferes with love and life nature of marriage


§         Is healthy and brings awareness of the woman's reproductive abnormalities for treatment

§         May cause side effects requiring treatment

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Originated from St. Louis, Missouri Archdiocesan Department of NFP